Policy Positions

Policy Positions

Education Both of my parents were teachers.  I believe a person should get as much education as possible. Education starts at home.   Parents know what is best.  The government should not intrude in education decisions.  Government should empower and support the parents to make quality education decisions for their children.  I volunteered as a reading tutor at Crouse elementary (Akron Public Schools).  One day I brought a Tom Clancy novel to class.  My student was very impressed and I used that as motivation for him to continue to master his reading skills.

Foreign relations USA is a leader in freedom and democracy around the world.  I am a supporter of Israel and the alliance to maintain military superiority over threats in that region.  I question the amount of foreign aid we give to countries while they turn their backs on supporting the U.S. in times of conflict.  I support getting more bang for our diplomatic buck.  That incentive starts in the UN.  Countries must support the US or they will see a reduction in aid.  I support prevention of any nation to achieve nuclear attack capability. 

Health care I was not happy with the way the ACA was forced onto people.  Costs are going up and health care options are going down.  Small businesses are complaining about the high cost of ACA.  One choice is to replace ACA with patient centered solutions such as portable insurance from state to state and job to job, promotion of HSA, tort reform and maintain children on policy until age 26.

Military I am a supporter of our military.  America must not be second best.  We should provide the dollars they need, but expenses should be subject to audit.  Perhaps the government can incentivize audits for finding dollars mishandled.  I Support the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but we must develop a plan to exit.

Immigration The U.S. must have secure borders.  There are many ways to build barriers.  But first we should enforce laws that are on the books.  Perhaps the U.S. can cooperate with foreign countries to cut down on their citizens wanting to leave their homelands. I support increased scrutiny on migrants coming from known terrorist’s countries.  DACA has some good point (such as the 3 yr. work permit) but DACA should be part of an overall immigration debate and not tacked onto another piece of legislation.

Pro-life Life begins at conception. I oppose abortion. REVISION: NO exceptions.

  Gun control As a gun owner I support the 2nd amendment. I also support a ban on semi-auto weapons but recognize the slippery slope argument.  Serious and open discussion is needed. Background checks need to be tightened up to be more inclusive of those who should be prohibited from gun ownership as well as those considered mentally unstable to own a firearm. The U.S. needs meaningful dialogue on what constitutes ‘sane’ gun ownership laws. 

Economy Growing our economy is job # 1.  We should remove barriers for small business to grow their business.   Innovation is needed to compete in the global economy.  We must find a way to incentivize Americans to work and not subsist on government hand out programs.  Government created job banks should be made available. Growing the economy does not mean increasing the debt.  Any legislation resulting in a debt increase (i.e. Tax Bill) must be adhered to or brought back to the table for reductions elsewhere.

Gay rights I support the LGBTQ community.  I stand for equal rights under the law.  I believe same sex marriage is a states’ rights issue but offer support.  

Greg Dunham’s personal political beliefs Fiscally responsible; socially inclusive


Personal information

Name:  Gregory Dunham

Age:      66

Residence:  Akron, Ohio  (west side)

Family:   single

Education:  High school- Defiance,OH 

B.S.-Bus. Admin./Acctg- Ohio Northern University

MBA- Bus.Mgt.- Univ. of Akron

Employer: retired (FirstEnergy/Ohio Edison)

Church: Bath U.C.C.- Bath, Ohio